Conference History

As part of its ongoing endeavor to promote Canadian Studies in Israel, since 1988 the Halbert Centre together with the Israel Association for Canadian Studies (IACS) has hosted a triennial conference on Canadian Studies in Jerusalem, reaching a total of 15 triennial conferences as of May 2016. Each conference has a central theme (Canadian Literature and Ethnicity, for example, in 1994) as well as other sessions on a variety of Canadian themes. The conferences attract Israeli and Canadian scholars as well as Canadianists from other countries, including the United States, Ireland, India, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Japan, Poland, Brazil, Australia, Russia and China.


Following the conferences, selected papers have been published in edited collections. The Hebrew University’s academic Magnes Press has published twelve volumes (until 2009) and is responsible for their distribution.


Conference Co-chairs

Gili Drori

Gili Drori

Gili S. Drori is professor of sociology and anthropology at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, and Director of The European Forum at The Hebrew University. She also serves as President of the Israeli Sociological Society. Gili earned her academic education at Tel Aviv University (BA 1986; and MA 1989) and Stanford University (PhD, 1997, sociology). Before joining the faculty of The Hebrew University in 2011, Gili served as Director of IR Honors Program and taught at Stanford University for a decade. She also taught at the University of California Berkeley, the Technion (Israel), and University of Bergamo (Italy) and was a guest scholar at Uppsala University (Sweden). Gili’s publications speak to her research interests in: globalization and glocalization; organizational change and rationalization; world society theory; science, innovation and higher education; technology divides; and, culture and policy regimes.

Dafna Kariv



Dafna Kariv

Professor Dafna Kariv is the Vice President for Global Initiatives and Development at the College of Management (COLLMAN), Rishon Lezion, Israel, and the Chair the Department of Entrepreneurship and of NOVUS, Center of Entrepreneurship at the School of Business, Administration. She is the academic manager of the dual degree in collaboration with Zicklin School, Baruch College, NY. Professor Kariv is Affiliate Professor at HEC, Montreal, Canada.She is the co-director of the Center for Social Investments and Businesses, supported by the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation and Dualis Social Investment Fund. Prof. Kariv is the author of five academic books, all around entrepreneurship, published with Routledge UK, Routledge, NY and Edward Elgar, UK. She has published numerous papers in entrepreneurship in academic journals, with research teams from Canada, Europe and US. Kariv’s research focuses on international entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial performance, entrepreneurial education and gender. She is a recipient of several prized funds including the European Commission funds; she is involved in many academic boards, the Ambassador of ‘German-Israeli-Startup-Exchange Program’ (GISEP); and a consultant of the Ministry of Education for entrepreneurship programs.






The Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies:

In 1977 the Programme of Canadian Studies, co-sponsored by the Government of Canada and the President of the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University, Dr. Ralph Halbert and his wife Roz of Toronto, was established at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It was the first and only such programme to be developed in Israel, and was headed by the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Professor Nehemia Levzion. In 1981 Professor Arie Shachar, director of the university's Institute of Urban and Regional Studies, replaced him in this position. A steering committee of Hebrew University professors from various departments is involved in the decision-making process. A Canadian advisory committee comprised of academics from various universities across Canada plays an important role in the development of policy. In 1995 the status of the Canadian Studies programme was elevated when the Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies was officially inaugurated. The centre fosters research and promotes the understanding and knowledge of Canadian civilization in all its aspects among Israeli academics and the public at large.

The Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies activities focus on research, publications, public lectures, visiting professors program, courses in Canadian Studies, Library Resources, and Conferences.


The Israel Association for Canadian Studies:

The Israel Association for Canadian Studies was founded in 1985. It unites Israeli researchers, teachers, students and research institutes who wish to deepen their knowledge and research in all fields related to Canada by fostering academic and other forms of cooperation between Israel and Canada. The Israel Association for Canadian Studies is an active member of the international community of Canadians, through its membership in the International Council of Canadian Studies.